running a resume redesign business

  • my role

    solo designer
  • timeframe

    2019 to now
  • deliverables

    resume designs, some cover letters and business cards
  • impact

    successfully designed resumes for 50+ clients
    made over $1k in revenue
why i make resumes

some people that knew me in high school can tell you i used to design resumes for my friends for fun on apple's pages app– before i knew anything about design or typography.

in early 2020, i decided to make a linkedin post advertising paid resume design services. that post, along with word of mouth, led to me designing resumes for over 50 clients over the past year.

i made resumes to have fun, practice working with type, and help out my friends during their job search. i spent hours designing each resume based on that person's individual personality, vibe, and career goals.

now, a year later, i still get a ton of resume-related messages and requests. i'm still just as passionate about personal branding, so i happily work on them.

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