creating hatch, a social recruiting software startup


  • my role

    co-founder & solo designer
  • collaborators

    eunia lee / co-founder & engineer
    leo au-yeung / co-founder & engineer
    rohan pahwa / co-founder & engineer
    yuki peters / co-founder & engineer
  • timeframe

    september 2020 – now
    initial product launch march 2021
  • deliverables

    end to end hatch product and brand design
    hatch marketing website + social media
  • impact

    adoption of the hatch platform by 7 organizations and ~300 end users in a 3-month closed beta
develop a user story w/ interviews
what's the problem?
All universities have student organizations that have some type of selective membership. This can include fraternities and sororities, pre-professional clubs, and even robotics and debate teams.

Every year, these organizations undertake the arduous process of sifting through hundreds of applicants to select new members. With so many applicants to keep track of, recruiting can quickly become an organizational nightmare. Leaders often rely on a combination of tools like Google Forms, paper ballots, and group texts to collect feedback on applicants.

With no easy way to centralize applicant feedback, leaders are overwhelmed with information and members are frustrated that their voices are not being heard.
what's the solution?
Hatch is a social recruitment platform made for tight-knit, selective groups. With Hatch, organizations can keep all of their recruitment data in one place.

Hatch creates a profile for each applicant, and members can engage with these profiles by liking and commenting on them. our vision is a recruitment process that is collaborative, transparent, and streamlined for all parties involved.
designing stuff for product planning meetings
prototype to test w/ users
design a logo, start creating a visual brand identity
high fidelity product design
design, build, and launch hatch marketing website & instagram
hatch product demo
user guide for beta testers + customer testimonials
potential future vision