contact me if you're interested in building an incredible website or app.
i work with people & teams that love what they do and are passionate about creating a beautifully crafted product.
the strengths i bring to a team ... & the growth a team brings to me
what i bring
  • comes up with 1000 ideas
  • always upbeat / motivated
  • good with criticism
  • sociable /can get along with different types of people
  • give 100% to tasks — big or small
  • comfortable presenting
  • love working in a team
  • knowledgable about software development process + understanding of marketing and brand strategy
    what i get
    • learn about design!!!!!!!
    • learn about how to do successful work in the industry
    • explore interests – visual design, product/brand strategy
    • meet new people and have fun
    • get better at design
    • learn how the world works more
    • get better at handling necessary disagreements
    • work with people that are good at handling day by day stuff too